The Power of Visualisation for Animal Guardians

Visualisation is a powerful tool and not only assists us in achieving our own aims, but with dedicated practice it also helps us when it comes to our animal family, keeping us focused on a positive outcome in times when they face change or challenge. These may include: a house move, ill health, behavioural issues, training classes, competitions and during operations to name but a few.  When we see a clear picture in our mind’s eye of the outcome we wish to attract it give us a positive focus and helps us to let go of worry.

Certainly, some of us are naturally more visual than others but this is something which can be developed. We each have the ability to paint a picture of what we wish to attract more of on the canvas of our mind.  It is natural for us to feel concern for our animals at times and although we need to be present to these feelings by focusing on our desired outcome we allow fears to lessen and even dissolve.

Routine Vet checks can be a stressful time as many animals associate them with vaccinations, neutering or other experiences they did not enjoy.  Here is a simple visualisation exercise for you to try:

  • Start by visualising a calm and happy car journey to your Vet; the traffic flowing, seeing your animal relaxed in their carrier or in the back of the car.
  • Picture the waiting room, it is quiet and all the people you meet- the Receptionist, any other patients and the Vet, are friendly and assisting your animal in the best way possible.
  • If you feel any resistance place your attention on a picture of yourself and your animal after the appointment sitting in your car ready to make the journey home, you are smiling and happy and your animal looks relaxed having received the best possible treatment.

With practice you will find this becomes easier and you can use it in other areas of your life such as training sessions and competitions, which may cause you some concern before the event but are enjoyable for you and your animal.

There are ways of developing your visualisation skills, one of which is to look at your animal or a photo of them.  Start by looking at their eyes; see each tiny detail, the colour variations (however minute), the length of their lashes and every other detail.  When you have done this for a few minutes recall what you have seen, write it down, and then compare what you have written with your animal and see how well you did.  You can also do this with photos of other animals and include the background details too.

By working with visualisation in your daily life, since practice is the way to develop your clear seeing, it will become natural and this will enable you to use it if you experience difficult circumstances.  Sometimes the situation or issue with your animal may not be resolved quickly due to its nature, and this is when visualisation can be used to great effect to keep a positive mind-set, which your animal will pick up on energetically. Our animals are sensitive to our emotions as we are to theirs and although we may not eliminate our concern for them, by seeing the situation resolving itself it sends out positive energy benefitting us all. You focus on your desired outcome, seeing it when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night.

When we keep our intention focused on the positive, the Universe often has a way of sending us any help we need to bring our desired outcome to fruition, and you may find someone giving you help or information that will aid your animal’s recovery in a way you had not previously thought of.  Be open and trust that if there is anything you need to know it will be drawn to you through your dedicated visualisation practice.

I also highly recommend you try using visualisation alongside meditation and mindfulness, which I wrote about in my last two online articles.  Here is the link in case you missed them:

Happy visualising!

About Author:  Tina Read supports her clients with Reiki, by teaching simple meditation techniques and through intuitive guidance, which empowers and assists clients in deepening their relationship with their animal. Tina has a monthly column in Cat World Magazine and writes a blog.  She volunteers Reiki for Feline Care Cat Rescue, UK German Shepherd Rescue Angels and TOLFA India. Tina is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the Shelter Animal Reiki Association. For more information on Tina’s work, please see her website 

The Power of Visualisation for Animal Guardians

The Power of Visualisation for Animal Guardians

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