The Journey of Self-Discovery

David Key on his own journey of self discovery.

Idly surfing on my laptop through some of those ‘information sound bites’ we’ve all come to depend on the other night I came across a few emotional testaments by elderly people at the very end of their lives. They were bedridden and speaking from the heart about their deepest regrets in life. Not surprisingly the things they dwelt on tended to be quite sentimental – they wished they had held on to loving friendships and so on – but there was common sense and practicality there too. For example one regret that cropped up again and again, especially among men, was “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard”. But perhaps the saddest and most telling of them all is this one:

“I wish I’d let myself be more happy.”

Realising that happiness is a choice that was always available to you – if only you’d recognised its presence – has to be a bitter pill to swallow. But what I found most fascinating about those epiphanies so late in the day is what they tell us about all our lives, whatever stage we’re at. It may never before have occurred to those old folks, even for a moment, that they were on a journey of self-discovery, but they always were. As they played out the Game of Life, working “too hard” to make money, buy a house and raise a family, they may have considered that spirituality, enlightenment, and even happiness was a bit beyond them. Those things, they probably reasoned, were largely unattainable except by a few chanting hermits or tree-hugging types with ‘alternative lifestyles’. From my many years of coaching in the personal development industry I can say with confidence that a great many people innocently share this mistaken belief.

The philosopher Sydney Banks, whose ‘Three Principles’ psychological paradigm I have drawn on in my book ‘Joyride’, has an answer that may surprise some but which perfectly chimes with these deathbed revelations. He teaches that wisdom is innate in us, and that no one human is any wiser than any other. In fact there is no need to follow any ‘guru’, because the very act of doing so tends to push you away from the truth of your own spiritual nature, something you already possess but which is prevented from shining out by the countless self-imposed chores, duties and responsibilities that make up your busy life.

The implication is clear: rather than searching for wisdom ‘out there’ in the world, perhaps by travelling to India or Thailand to sit at the feet of a holy man, we need only look inside us to where Truth lies. This is not to deny or invalidate the work of those enlightened teachers, far from it. There are many countries in the world where since ancient times the culture is shaped around the idea of an ‘inward journey’. The point Syd makes is that all religions and faith-based cultures are actually pointing to the very same innate wisdom that is built into the DNA of all humans.

My own journey, seen in this light, is one of simply ‘waking up’ to the ways in which we create our reality from moment to moment by means of those three principles, the divine gifts of Universal Mind, Universal Consciousness and Universal Thought. Mind is that spiritual intelligence that’s shared by every living thing, consciousness makes the world come to life for us through our senses, and thought is the gift that we use to guide ourselves through life, just as it’s guiding my words right now as I type.

I said my journey was simple; that’s only half true. It took me a long time to really hear the simplicity of the message – and even longer to begin to live it. Nowadays when clients come to me with a desire to embark on a journey of self-discovery I first point out to them that they are already on it; that they only need to understand how our reality is created moment by moment from our thoughts to begin the healing process.

It seems too simple but in fact we are never more than one thought away from perfect happiness, so I’d say it’s not only possible but essential that we all ‘let ourselves be more happy.’

About the author: David Key is a #1 Best Selling Author of Joyride (£14.99, Panoma Press), Transformative Coach, Principles Teacher and Master Trainer of Hypnosis dedicated to helping people realise their goals and overcome challenges both personally and professionally. A more satisfying life. For further information, please visit: Https://




The Journey of Self-Discovery

The Journey of Self-Discovery

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