The Inner Child Narrative

by Linda Porter

As children, we grow up against the backdrop of the dynamics between significant adults in our life. Usually this is   embedded in the dynamics between parents or carers, as perceived by a child at various ages and stages of growing up. The ‘dynamic’ is formed when adults project and deflect their unresolved issues at each other in their relationship through an expectation that the ‘other’ will fulfil their need that they are unable or unwilling, to fill for themselves. Thus, they create a co-dependent need for that ‘significant other’ person to be in their life rather than a desire. Meanwhile the child, due to the innocent  misconception of their childhood is unable to understand beyond the constraints of their age and stage of development, and anchors that experience into their cellular memory, where it remains as a ‘Core-Issue’.

This experience defines a fundamental psychological principle of the award winning HET: Holistic Educational Therapy programme. Introduced  over  18  years  ago, to  support  children  with  behavioural  challenges  and  their  families,  by Linda  Porter, a radical psychologist, teacher  and therapist.

According to Linda, these experiences anchor down associated feelings and thoughts and a    childlike logic within subconscious memories. These can be triggered and resurface as negative patterns throughout life.

Linda’s work now supports ‘wounded inner child issues’. Through a simple and fun-based technique known as ‘Life-Scaping’, it’s possible to define these core issues as a narrative. With a process referred to as ‘Inner Child Genre’, a personalised story is created around this narrative for the person concerned. Alongside this, is a focal point, such as a growing/eco project, or personalised jewellery for example. This technique overrides ingrained subconscious patterns relating to childhood experiences, with our mature perspective of adult understanding that was not possible at the time.

Whist working with this approach, Linda has discovered that we share many core issues in common. An example of which is ‘Body-shaming’, sadly, an issue all too easily highlighted through the misuse of social media today.  As children, we will have all experienced this to a greater or lesser extent.  At some time, we can all relate to being told we are too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, or have borne the brunt of comments about some aspect of our physical appearance. These vulnerabilities lurk near the surface and can so easily be triggered, casting shadows over our self-esteem.

To celebrate the advent of Spring, a time of new beginnings and growth; a time to ‘uproot’ the weeds from our   Life-Scape and prepare the ground for more nutritious and healthy growth, we are happy to share with you, an example of Inner Child Genre called UgFrEg!

Short for Ugly Fruit and Vegetables, our story honours the ‘roots’ of Wonky Vegetables, as an analogy for self-image and dietary wellbeing against the backdrop of a recent major study revealing the health threat of half the foods British Families buy.

The UgFrEg story can be downloaded in pdf format from this link.

Linda’s technique of Holistic ‘Intuitive Nutritional profiling’ focuses on balancing  personal, positive diet and  sustainability and relates to  the  concept  of ‘Life-Scaping’: By  drawing  and  annotating our own  idea  of  a vegetable garden, as  a  mindful A4 sketch/doodle; a template of  the  body’s zones  and  energy  centres  is superimposed over  this  plan.

Through exploring what vegetables, fruits and features are drawn in the different sectors of the template/drawing, we identify minerals and vitamins that are needed to create a personalised profile. This relates to the best foods for you.  You can grow them and create your own recipes which can also be shared with others. The personal profile can be used to inform supplementation in consultation with a nutritionist. Care should be exercised, as you can overdose on some vitamins. Many processed foods are deficient in vitamins and minerals today, due to growing, storing, transporting and processing methods.  However safe ‘energy’ forms of vitamins and minerals can be homoeopathically made by using Radionic codes.  These are as ‘energy amplifiers’ when taken alongside home grown, organic foods where possible. Joining growers collectives or allotments is now a popular option.

For a FREE copy of the chapter on this approach taken from Linda’s latest book: Pat’s  Garden:  Elevated Levels please contact her directly on Linda@Jewellery.Life

The  first 5  requests received will be  sent a  voucher (worth  £50) by return email:- Includes a  Free personalised analysis report of  your  vegetable garden which includes your personalised profile;  A personalised ‘energy vitamin and  mineral  blend’: a choice of Free personalised  jewellery or garden  feeder, relating  to your  profile;  A Free personalised fruit and  veg project  to make with  a  child;  A  personalised growing  project containing seeds to  grow  and  cook.

About the author: Linda Porter is a qualified teacher,  educational  consultant, psychologist, holistic therapist, artist and  author. She  ran  a  successful  holistic healing centre  in Wolverhampton in  the  West  Midlands in the  nineties and  is  the  pioneer  of  the  internationally  acclaimed and  award winning HET: Holistic Educational Therapy Programme, which  she  has  introduced to numerous  educational establishments to  help  children  with behavioural  challenges  and  their  families  over the  past  18 years. For more information about Linda’s latest book, visit HET website. To book a Pat’s Garden Analysis session, to  train in the Pat’s Garden  approach  or  to  be  part of the creative community  collective,  see her blog here.

The Inner Child Narrative

The Inner Child Narrative

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