Tarot – the Unattainable Form of Divination?

The Tarot is to many, an unattainable form of divination. Mastered by some, but confusing and challenging to many. Often a discarded deck once chosen with such care and high expectations finds itself banished to a cupboard or pushed to the back of a drawer. The Tarot can seem like a dream or a curse, its seventy-eight cards either signaling a life’s journey of inspiration or heralding a source of intimidation.

There is an astonishing array of Tarot Decks on the market these days. When we set off to our local New Age store with the intent of acquiring a new deck, we are greeted with a vast selection, each deck with its own dazzlingly beautiful imagery. So why is it then that when we get home with our carefully chosen purchase and open the pack, in so many cases this is as far as it gets? Many of us are not able to continue with the process. Why does this pack, that we feel has in some way made a connection to us, just get put away in a drawer, never to be used again? Where does the confusion lie? Some do indeed amass Tarot decks (I have many!) which are kept in display cases as collectors’ pieces as part of a lifestyle choice. Or maybe they are collected by frustrated Tarot readers waiting patiently in the hope that one day, one deck will hold the key to unravelling all its mysteries!

But is that all the Tarot cards are to become to many? A collector’s work of art? Or is there a way that the Tarot can be used not only as a tool for divination but also as a tool of self-discovery or even self- healing?

I have been working with the Tarot for over twenty years and I am self-taught. To begin with I learnt the meanings to all seventy-eight cards, one by one, from one of the many instructional books of Tarot card meanings. And like many people starting out the deck I chose to work with was the familiar and
bestselling Rider Waite deck. Over time and as a result of many years of practice I formed my own meanings of the cards by an intuitive process which I discovered through trial and error and much thought.

You see I, like many others, have a creative mind. We are not all blessed with the analytical mind of the Tarot guru, able to identify images that are Kabbalistic, astrological or with complicated occult imagery that one can see printed on many of the Tarot decks for sale. We need a process of reading the Tarot that is simple but yet profound and powerful. After all the Tarot was originally created as a game, and therefore I feel it should remain as such, a place for the mind to play, explore and discover with ease. This is where the intuitive Tarot reading process comes in. So… is there a book that can be purchased alongside a Tarot deck that brings forth its initial power, which holds the key to reading the cards and provides a process that anyone can use? A book that has been written in a simple way that does not preach to the reader, but rather walks with the reader, where the author of this book has been through the process of purchasing a deck, learning to read it, through to teaching it and is now a successful reader herself? A book where the author passes on all that she has learnt herself from the process, so that you may too follow this process, and go as far as you wish on your personal journey with the Tarot, wherever that might take you. I present to you my book “Tarot Life Saver”.

Yes, there is literature available on intuitive Tarot reading, but my aim was to present something simple and straightforward to read and to use. Something not complex, and above all written from the heart. The intuitive Tarot reading process I use and which I want to share with you is by way of guided meditation. You will learn to travel with each card, firstly by using your physical eye to see what the imagery reveals to you, and then by tapping into the subconscious mind, thereby finding your own message and meaning of each Tarot card which will be totally unique and personal to you. As such you will form a life changing connection to the cards themselves. This connection will then help you to understand yourself, your relationships with others and enable you to make more positive life choices. When we have a better understanding of ourselves we can then change our thought processes, which in turn transforms us, our lifestyle, and can even change our health for the better.

Article by Susanna Dark

To find out more look for my book

“Tarot Life Saver”

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Tarot – the Unattainable Form of Divination?

Tarot – the Unattainable Form of Divination?

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