Self-Sabotage & The Spiritual Entrepreneur

Seven years ago, I posted an offer on Craigslist for psychic readings. I’d never sold anything before. Within a week, my first client paid me (a whopping) $30! But starting my spiritual business wasn’t as glamorous as it seemed. Friends unfriended me. My mother took out her cross and blessed me…not to mention the stress of having to figure this out. It was like walking a tightrope 1,000 feet in the air, never knowing if I was going to fall.

I learned the key to spiritual business was to manage my mindset. When I did, I made sales. When I didn’t, I woke up in the middle of the night with anxiety attacks.

To keep you from waking up with your hair matted to your sweaty forehead, let’s look at some of the bad habits that can sabotage your mindset (and what you can do instead).

Bad Habit #1: Failure Paralysis

Do you ever get lost in your failures?

Maybe you finally got the courage to ask for the sale and got another, “it’s too expensive,” which made you stop asking for the sale. Or perhaps you launched a new service and no one bought anything. So you spent a you spent a week laying on the couch binging on Netflix.  

Truth is, this happens to every spiritual entrepreneur. Not everything you do will work on the first try. If you beat yourself up every time you try and fail, your self-esteem is going to evaporate, and you won’t progress.

Here are some journaling prompts to help you energetically clear a “failure”:  

  •         What happened?
  •         What went well? What didn’t go well?
  •         What could you do differently next time?
  •         Why are you grateful for the experience?

Bad Habit #2: Sales Fear Barrier

Fear and doubt are normal, but it shouldn’t stop you from asking for the sale. That will only keep you broke, and you won’t serve your people.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, there MUST be some sort of energy exchange or you’ll get depleted. But many people don’t feel comfortable receiving money for their services. Some say it’s not “spiritual” to receive money for doing what you love. For others, there’s a fear of being judged and rejected by their higher power, their family, or their friends. Without even realising it, they self-sabotage to avoid asking for the sale.

Truth—it IS spiritual to get paid abundantly for your services. The more you ask for the sale, the more your gifts heal the world.

Here’s one way to get through the fear of sales so you can get back to fulfilling your life purpose:

  • Release the ickiness you associate with sales by reframing it. How are sales being of service? How does it help your tribe?
  • Tell the Universe what you want CLEARLY every day by making a list. It’s a sacred ceremony that will keep you in sync with the Universe and allow you to experience it’s magic.
  • Go out and play with the Universe—practice asking for the sale. When you do, the Universe will send you opportunities and help you attract money. Practicing is the fastest way to get comfortable asking for the sale, which is the fastest way to make money and a bigger impact.

Bad Habit #3: IGNORING “Negative” Feelings

Many people think the Law of Attraction is about “thinking” positive—all the time. While you need to manage your vibe, you can’t do that if you’re suppressing “negative” emotions such as fear, doubt, disappointment, resentment, hopelessness, and regret. Trying to ignore negative feelings will only make them grow until they are RELEASED. 

Don’t hold on to them.

To let go of negative feelings about spiritual entrepreneurship, you should:

  •     Make a list of everything that you’re frustrated with (e.g. not enough clients)
  •     Write down all of your feelings- “I feel XYZ because of ABC”  
  •     Read and release them (check out EFT if your typical release methods aren’t working)

Bad Habit #4:  Inconsistent/Nonexistent Clarity

Would you get in the car and start driving without a destination in mind? In most cases—no. Yet, most spiritual entrepreneurs are driving aimlessly—not knowing what they want in their life and business.

You CANNOT manifest whatever you want to create in your life—unless you know what you’re creating and have committed to creating it. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting gas and spinning your wheels.  

Here’s how to get into the driver’s seat:

  •    Get clear on your big vision
  •    Decide on your next goals and commit to them 100%
  •    Figure out your next step and take action
  •    Keep going until you get what you want

How would your life change if you applied these exact steps—if you stopped being afraid of sales, you started having fun with sales conversations, or even increased your income?

Apply and integrate these tips into your spiritual business so you can continue to grow, expand, and change the world.

Your purpose is too precious not to. 

About the Author:

Nathalie Guerin is an energy healer & intuitive coach. She helps healers and coaches who are struggling with self-doubt find their voice & confidence so that they can get more clients, have a bigger impact and ultimately create a life they love.

Self-Sabotage & The Spiritual Entrepreneur

Self-Sabotage & The Spiritual Entrepreneur

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