Review of Purple Energy Healing Session with John Sargent

Every year at the Mind Body Soul show Watkins gets to discover and meet all kinds of wonderful people and businesses who are committed to building a community of healing, health, and spirituality just like we are. This year, we were fortunate to not only be located right next to one such person, but to receive a healing session from him as well. John Sargent is an intuitive energy healer and Reiki master.

His beautiful healing space- complete with an energy-aligned pyramid and crystals- immediately drew us in. In the session, you are seated on a chair within the pyramid, which John explains are in alignment with the Magnetic North, and amplify the energy field present all around us. There are calming crystals surrounding you too, and upon stepping into the space one feels immediately serene. It is a bubble of calm- this was especially noticeable as the session took place within the extremely loud and busy festival, and not in a private area, so the sense of serenity was especially remarkable.

Once seated, John gently explains that he will do his Reiki energy work on you according to how he is guided in the moment, and you are free to close your eyes, relax, and let the energy flow through. John’s movements are peaceful and controlled, and you can feel the presence of the energy and heat as he moves it around you. He finishes the sessions with some sound healing performed with drums, and the effect is very emotive and powerful. I left my session feeling light, clear-headed, and very at peace.

In further discussion with John he told me about his own very interesting journey to his work as a healer, experiences he’s had with energy work, and how he came to follow this path. His passion for energy work is clear, and the testimonies from those he has helped are numerous.

I really enjoyed the experience and you can find out further information on the website

Review of Purple Energy Healing Session with John Sargent

Review of Purple Energy Healing Session with John Sargent

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