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Kundalini Yoga by Kathryn McCusker Kundalini Yoga by Kathryn McCusker
It’s true, no one wants to be that person with the kid that won’t behave. But when you’ve tried everything
by Linda Porter As children, we grow up against the backdrop of the dynamics between significant adults in our life.
World-renowned teacher and author Sharon Salzberg encourages us to strip away negative habits and preconceptions to help us experience authentic
Singer and best-selling author Sheila Chandra explains the importance of recognising that we all have emotionally off-stage days and what
  Decluttering your Home with Helen Sanderson Decluttering your Home with Helen Sanderson
  #IsHeHereYet is for anyone who answers yes to the following! Do you perceive yourself to be ‘less than’ because
Make the most out of bonding with your animals. Meditate and be at peace. Meditating with our animals assists in
Holistic Therapist, Julia Keller recommends five positive ways to heal yourself from loneliness and reconnect with the world. If you’re

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Due to the Tier 4 restrictions effecting the London area that are to be put into place by tomorrow morning, we unfortunately have to close until further notice. Never the less, we wish you all a wonderful Winter Solstice and a happy New Year, and hope that we will see you as soon as the government informs us that it is safe for us to re-open!