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We all communicate with ourselves in a number of ways, and some of us talk out-loud to ourselves. Do you
Psychotherapist Juliet Grayson describes the benefits of PBSP, a body-based therapy that works with both the soul and the ego.
It goes without saying that your body needs nourishment to survive. However, living forever young is not just about surviving,
Vision boards are a powerful tool and are often used for manifesting what we would like more of in our
With Men’s Health Week taking place on the 11th – 17th June 2018 increasing awareness of health issues predominantly common
Wisdom from Japanese Archery (Kyudo) by Jerome Chouchan Wisdom from Japanese Archery (Kyudo) by Jerome Chouchan
Buritaca 200, high in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada by Erich von Däniken My book Chariots of the Gods? came out in
Seven years ago, I posted an offer on Craigslist for psychic readings. I’d never sold anything before. Within a week,
What is inner stillness? The familiar smell of chlorine rises up to my nostrils. Calm waters, barely a ripple disturbing

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Due to the Tier 4 restrictions effecting the London area that are to be put into place by tomorrow morning, we unfortunately have to close until further notice. Never the less, we wish you all a wonderful Winter Solstice and a happy New Year, and hope that we will see you as soon as the government informs us that it is safe for us to re-open!