Meditating with Your Animals for Peace

Make the most out of bonding with your animals. Meditate and be at peace.

Meditating with our animals assists in deepening our bond of love and understanding. Perhaps you have already noticed that your animal appears by your side when you are feeling particularly relaxed and happy, which could be when you are reading a favourite magazine such as Kindred Spirit or an uplifting book, baking, gardening or anything else that places you in a happy state. Our animals are in tune with our emotions and often seek out our company when we are particularly at peace with ourselves and the world around us. When we meditate we emit a frequency of love that has a far reaching effect. Meditation is a holiday for the for the mind, body and spirit and if we are feeling out of balance just ten minutes of meditation can enable us to hear our inner voice more clearly and to have more energy in our physical body.

It is normal for thoughts to enter the mind when we meditate, however, if we simply notice these thoughts and do not give them any energy being in the moment, we can easily bring ourselves back to our breath. With regular commitment to practice meditation it becomes easier and eventually second nature. Letting go of any expectations and enjoying each stage of the process, trusting our journey is unfolding exactly as it should be is paramount to the enjoyment of the experience. Even if you are only able to meditate at weekends this will still be of benefit to you and you beloved animal and well worth introducing it into your weekly routine.

Below is a simple meditation, which I recommend you read through several times before trying it. Please do not be concerned about each tiny detail, allow the meditation to unfold and to be a positive experience. Sit or lie down near your animal or allow them the freedom to come to you. If you are comfortable standing and have a horse, then positioning yourself at the edge of a paddock or yard is also a good way to work.

Oak Tree Meditation

  • Sit/stand/lie down comfortably, with your eyes closed, your back straight, your feet flat upon the floor and your hands loosely in your lap or by your side.
  • Let go of your expectations and be open to receive whatever you and your animal need from this meditation.
  • Take three slow deep breaths in through your nose and then out through your mouth.
  • Breathe in deeply and draw your breath down through your body, along your legs, into your feet and down into the ground beneath you. Repeat this twice more and visualise thick strong roots growing down deep into Mother Earth imaging you are an old oak tree.
  • Once again breathe in and imagine your body is the trunk of an oak tree, see the bark, sense the texture and colour and feel your roots deeply anchoring you into the earth below.
  • Next as you breathe in notice the branches that reach out from the trunk, they move and sway naturally in the breeze, see the leaves, their shape and colour with acorns nestling between them. Visualise and imagine each and every tiny detail.
  • As you breathe in you feel the warmth of the sun’s rays above your branches bathing you in golden sunlight and reminding you of your connection to the Universe. You are enveloped in love, peace, light and the warm loving embrace of the Universe. Breathe in and bring the feeling of unconditional love through your branches and down your trunk, feel it flow along your roots and combine with the solid earth energy of Mother Earth. Sit in this space of connection, which you have created through you loving intention for five minutes.
  • When you are ready to come back to the room, take three deep breathes, wiggle your toes, fingers and open your eyes.

Notice how you feel and whether your animal is relaxed and showing signs they were enjoying the meditation space with you. These may include; your dog laying at your feet or cat curling up next to you. If you were meditating outside with your; chickens, horse, rabbit, guinea pig or other animals, they may have moved nearer you or became more relaxed and peaceful.

You may wish to use this meditation on a few different occasions or regularly as with practice it will become easier to move through each stage and you may notice a slightly different response each time from your animal. Writing down your experiences will also show you how your meditation practice is evolving and growing.


Meditating with Your Animals for Peace

Meditating with Your Animals for Peace

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