Making a Vision Board for your Animals

Vision boards are a powerful tool and are often used for manifesting what we would like more of in our lives.  This is done by focusing our mind on what we wish to attract, using pictures and words placed on a board so we can see it regularly and give form to our dreams, also trusting that what you put your attention to is already on its way to us gives it greater positive power.  This may include but is not limited to; experiences, material items, goals and anything you wish to have more of in your life.  If you have a number of animals, include photos of each of them and any words or pictures that uplift you and add happiness.

It is a fun experience to make a simple vision board for your animal or even for the animal kingdom as a whole.  Firstly, choose either a cork board or use a large piece of paper or card instead to attach your photos and words to.  Pick several clear photographs, including one or two of you and your animal together sharing happy times and doing things they love such as; relaxing, sleeping, playing or being made a fuss of.  Ideally include a photo where they are facing the camera and in any other situations that make you smile and put you in a loving state.   If there is anything that you would like to experience with your animal or acquire for them, then you can include this by using appropriate visual representations.

You may find you make a series of vision boards and I suggest you always write the date on the back of them. Perhaps you want a home with larger outside space or somewhere away from busy roads so your cat can roam; be specific as to what you want to bring in to your lives.  You may wish to take an animal nutrition course or another course to help deepen your knowledge so you can truly do the best for your beloved family member.  There is no limit to what you can include and in turn attract!

By Tina Read.

About Author:  Tina Read supports her clients with Reiki, by teaching simple meditation techniques and through intuitive guidance, which empowers and assists clients in deepening their relationship with their animal. Tina has a monthly column in Cat World Magazine and writes a blog. She volunteers Reiki for Feline Care Cat Rescue, UK German Shepherd Rescue Angels and TOLFA India. Tina is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the Shelter Animal Reiki Association. For more information on Tina’s work, please see her website



Making a Vision Board for your Animals

Making a Vision Board for your Animals

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