Living Forever Young, Day 9: Committing Forever Young

If you commit fully to your purpose, your passions, your views and your activities, you unlock your potential for greatness. When people come to my conferences or retreats the thing I ask from them at the start is to commit to the process they are about to undertake – to play fully with everything I have planned for them. I want them to commit with a positive attitude that reflects their belief in their own ability to live forever young.

To get the best out of anything in life – whether that’s a job, a relationship, one of my retreats – you have to commit fully to it. On a retreat I need full commitment from my participants because I ask them to examine and then redesign their lives. Not only do they need to commit to that process so that they get the best -and the right – answers out of it, but also so that they com it to their lives going forward. You can’t fake that kind of commitment because it requires total, daily action.

If you don’t fully believe in the goals you’re setting for yourself, you can’t fully commit to them. Having full commitment to your beliefs, passions and purpose is so important because there are lots of ways in which life – with its temptations and frustrations – will try to throw you off the path.

Also, there are two ways in which your attitude towards committing yourself can dramatically change how likely you are to be distracted from your path. First, you need to develop a feeling of thankfulness for your life and your opportunities; and, second, you need to enter into the spirit of your commitment with utter positivity. The first step in this is gratitude.

This is an excerpt taken from Living Forever Young by Skip Archimedes, publishing this June by Watkins Publishing Ltd.

Living Forever Young, Day 9: Committing Forever Young

Living Forever Young, Day 9: Committing Forever Young

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