Living Forever Young, Day 3: Nourishing Forever Young

It goes without saying that your body needs nourishment to survive. However, living forever young is not just about surviving, it’s about thriving. Your body takes the goodness – the vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and other nutrients – out of the food you eat and turns it into energy to fuel your body and mind. The leftovers become waste, which your body then eliminates. This entire process is what we call your digestion, and we need your digestion to be healthy in order for you to be properly nourished in a way that helps to keep all your body systems functioning efficiently. When your diet falls short (and it happens to the best of us), a good-quality supplement regime can step in to fill the gaps but remember, supplements are just that – supplement to a healthy diet, not a replacement for it, More of that in my book. And then there’s water – the life-giving hydration that is so fundamental to the health of your body’s cells, and a metaphor for a fluidity that enables you to get the most out of your life.

In the developed world, by and large, we mostly eat too much of the wrong stuff. I’m talking about processed foods, foods that now have harmful chemicals in them, foods that have had essential fats removed to be replaced with sugars and sweeteners, and foods filled with harmful salts. If you put junk food into your body, your body will start to feel like junk. It really is that simple. If, on the other hand, you put fresh, nutrient-rich, pesticide-free food into your body, you will feed it the purest nutrients firing off the best-quality energy. You’ll strengthen your immune system, feel and look more healthy (and more youthful), and even help to prolong your life. Again, it’s simple.

This is an excerpt taken from Living Forever Young by Skip Archimedes, publishing this June by Watkins Publishing Ltd.

Living Forever Young, Day 3: Nourishing Forever Young

Living Forever Young, Day 3: Nourishing Forever Young

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