A type of card deck used for divination, personal development, spiritual growth, and the cultivation of intuition and psychic ability.

The term “Tarot” is a French derivative of the Italian tarocchi, meaning “triumphs” or “trumps”. The Tarot deck consists of seventy-eight cards divided into two parts, the twenty-two-card Major Arcana, and the fifty-six cards of the Minor Arcana. In 1910 English occultist Arthur Edward Waite published his interpretation of the Tarot deck, with images designed by Pamela Coleman Smith. Waite drew in part on the Hermetic Kabbalah, a blend of true Kabbalah and Hermeticism favoured by occultists, including the Order of the Golden Dawn, of which Waite was a member. The Rider-Waite deck set the standard for nearly all Tarot decks to follow. The Tarot is best used as a tool for seeing one’s life from new perspectives. Skillful reading requires good intuition and an ability to see the bigger picture.

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Gemstone And Crystals

Gems have long been considered a part of the various healing, magical and spiritual traditions around the world. A Vedic astrologer might prescribe a ruby to remedy a deblitated Sun in the natal chart, a crystal healer might suggest a piece of black onyx to provide support during times of emotional stress, a grimoire magician may search out the perfect cut heliotrope on which to engrave his talismanic sigil and a hoodoo worker may boost a money spell using a chunk of pyrite. From the grimoires to the new age, astrology to hoodoo, particular stones have long been associated with particular powers and their continued use in ceremonies has ensured their survival in popular consciousness to this day. We are happy to stock a large selection of crystals and gemstones, both well known and obscure.

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Jewellery has often been employed as part of a magical process, a way of identifying the wearer with talismanic powers. It has been a way to display faceted and prepared gems in their most striking setting, as well as a way of affording an individual ways to adorn themselves with the qualities of the items they choose to wear. As such, our selection of jewellery summons up a broad range of purposes above and beyond their aesthetic value alone, though our items are certainly selected with their beauty in mind. Our itinerant and wayfaring buyers source unusual items, handmade, antique and vintage pieces, as well as jewellery made by traditional techiques from India, the middle-east and Africa.

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Our books cover topics relating to cultures and traditions all over the world, and technology offers us a new way of immersing ourselves into these cultures, through audio recordings of traditional music, songs and chants, from Medieval England to Mali. As well as this, we have a wide selection of recorded audiobooks and lectures for those who prefer to take in new material this way. Audio CDs can also be helpful in providing structure and timing to guided meditation practices for relaxation, healing and spiritual purposes. Our DVD selection includes new documentaries, mythological dramatisations, and films relating to spiritual personalities, as well as guided practices for yoga, tai-chi and qigong, and instructional videos on topics from astrology to tarot.

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Watkins Mind Body Spirit is a quarterly esoteric magazine published by Watkins Books in London. Like the famous bookshop, the magazine covers a wide range of subjects from contemporary spirituality to self development and mysticism to Eastern philosophy. Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit dates back to 1893, when John Watkins published his first volume of the Book-Notes, which included book reviews, occult news and excerpts from recommended books.

Every issue presents the most anticipated book releases, articles and interviews the world-renowned MBS authors. Every spring we publish a list of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People, to celebrate spiritual activists, writers and teachers of our time.


Humanity has long oriented its actions to celestial bodies in the heavens, and developments in agriculture and navigation would have been impossible without knowledge learnt through careful observation of the night sky. The ancients also possessed a mystical knowledge of the virtues of the stars and planets, preserved over the millennia, of which we are now the benefactors. Our range of astrology titles covers the span of astrology, from its early origins and history in the near East and India, through the classical period into Europe, its flourishing during the Renaissance and into the modern age amongst the various schools of archetypal and psychological astrology. Our selection offers something of interest for the psychotherapist, the stellar mage, or those seeking romance by the zodiac.

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Idols, effigies, powers. Cultures across the world have always sought to depict divine forces in a variety of media; stone, wood, crystal, metal and glass. The monotheistic traditions have stricter rules on representations of deity, but elsewhere, a tremendous variety exists in how humans have conceptualised, invited and worshipped the powers that interact with humans. Our selection of statues, artefacts and ritual items contain individual pieces, carefully selected to represent this variety, featuring a range of production techniques. Statues of the gods, and goddesses; the main dramatis personnae from the Hindu, Celtic and Egyptian pantheons sit alongside tantric Tibetan Buddhist ritual implements, hand carved charm and trinket boxes, and unique pieces that still manage to surprise us when our intrepid, far-flung suppliers source them for us. New pieces are acquired often and are always worth seeing in person!

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