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Entering the Golden Era: Connecting to the Light of Thoth

March 12 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

There is a divine plan and a high project of creation which involves humanity and Earth experiencing cosmic growth. Thoth’s teachings are spreading to Earth and humanity in order to restore truth and freedom and bring high growth for all human beings and their mother Earth. The order Pantheon of Aeternam is open to all. There is no secret knowledge to be kept for the selected few; instead all wisdom should be revealed to all who are interested in becoming truth. This is an important time and we all have to support Earth and restore her to the most graceful expression of herself, her golden age. The messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam are connecting to the Light of Thoth to help humanity transform to a being of truth where growth is constant and effortless.

Pantheon of Aeternam teach people a unique purification process which includes the study and practice of observation, creating a space of peace, connecting to your whole being and allow the energies of the cosmos and Earth to enter your body and start your healing process. We want to teach people a new healing modality that is very intense and can help them purify from imbalances, trauma and fear patterns. Life can become an effortless flow of growth when people are free to follow their path.

Our two books can be used as a guide to the cosmic truths shared by Thoth and our unique healing process.

Pantheon of Aeternam’s first book, Fountain Source of High Wisdom-Sacred Book of Thoth, was published in February 2015. In this book there are more than 200 teachings, a complete vocabulary section plus extra teaching material including more than forty questions and answers. This book includes a series of teachings communicated to the myself and Robbert-jan, the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam. The teachings in this book share light on many topics including: the creation of Earth, Earth races, Cosmic creation, Astral plane, Higher self, Creation code, Reincarnation, Cosmic laws, Growth, Purpose, Cosmic Healing, Love, Manipulation on Earth, Living the illusion, Transformation of a physical being, The Connection between Physical and Astral Body, True Seekers of Wisdom in Ancient Times, Hollow of the Earth, Conscious Living and the ideal State of Humanity. For more information about our book you can visit our website: http://pantheonofaeternam.co.uk/fountain-source-of-high-wisdom-sacred-book-of-thoth.html

Our second book has the title Wisdom of Thoth and was published in February 2019. Our book can help you connect to truth and express it in your everyday life and creative process. Our book contains more than 400 pages of cosmic wisdom and focuses on Healing, Purification, Connecting to Earth’s energies, Growth, Dealing with imbalances, Observing patterns, Illusion-Fear-Limitation, Building communities of truth and many more. Read more about our book on our website: http://pantheonofaeternam.co.uk/books.html#wisdomofthoth


March 12
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


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