Can Energy Healing Work in Harmony with Traditional Cancer Treatments?

For 12 years I was employed by University College London Hospital (UCLH) as a healer working with cancer patients, spurred on by the experience of a personal tragedy.

The reality of working alongside conventional medicine requires a passionate and committed healer, it is not for the faint hearted no matter how well intentioned, and a well-trained and emotionally prepared healer will be effective and happy in post and that’s good news for everyone.

During those years I witnessed first-hand how effective healing as a complementary therapy can be to cancer patients and their families, as did the senior nursing staff and medics on the wards whom began to see healing as of real benefit as evidenced by the wonderful endorsement below.

Stephen Rowley Senior Divisional Nurse Clinical Haematology UCLH

 I saw Angie and then later her team provide healing to patients during the years she was employed by our NHS Trust.  it was immediately obvious that patients benefited from having this additional support and that they very quickly considered it to be an essential part of their treatment. Not as curative treatment but simply to help cope with the profound experience and impact of cancer treatment. Some of the patient interactions were quite spectacular. But most impressive was the way something like healing was so quickly integrated into an acute NHS service. Seeing doctors ask for a healer to help support a patient through a medical procedure was not unusual and at the time represented a quiet but important evolution in cancer care.

The supportive and clinical benefits that healing provides has provided the evidence and assurance for healing to be delivered alongside conventional treatments on a wider scale. The further expansion of well governed healing into 13 other centres ‎via the SBSHT is further tangible evidence of the role healing is playing in the integrated care of patients

When I left UCLH in 2011 my focus continued to be to open doors for other healers to work within statutory settings.

Our charities role since 2006 has been to raise funds to enable us to place more healers in paid positions within cancer centers and hospitals. We have integrated 34 healers to date.

We initially provide funds for a period of 1 year for up to 2 days a week; following this period the project is reassessed and normally funded for a further year. Following this two-year period of funding by SBSHT the posts are (in the majority) taken on the payroll by the relevant hospital or hospice.  Our projects have provided important supportive care (within a 2-day week) to on average 665 patients and carers per year per project.

Benefits to the patients and their families are evidenced by the quarterly reports that our projects provide us with.

Some comments from recent reports;

 Patient, “After our last session the pain has lifted.  It is still there, but not as fiery anymore.”

Patient, “What an experience… no one ever touches me!  This will go in my diary, thank you…”

Patient, “Just what the doctor ordered… and then some!”

Patient, “‘I was amazed to feel so relaxed so quickly”

Patient ‘’Excellent treatment that I will continue to use throughout my treatment and recovery”

 Carer, “I cannot thank you enough.  I went back to a happy time in my life.  I feel blessed.”

Carer, “That was great.  Magic.  The tension is gone.  No one was more sceptical than me, and now I am telling everybody about it.”

Carer, “Thank you, I feel at peace…  Why are my eyes watering?  It is beyond my control.”

 Parent, “This morning my son said ‘I hope she is there!’  and I said, ‘I hope so too’!”

Parent, “That was just what was needed today.  I have chronic pain due to fibromyalgia… but during the Reiki I was pain-free.  Amazing…”

Parent, “‘An amazing experience which has really helped me in the most difficult of times”

Our experience as a charity continues to be that ‘money’ is what will help drive the expansion and integration of healing into healthcare and realistically this money will have to come from the third sector.

The further expansion of our work is only limited by funds and if more funds were available then our model of integration could be rolled out more quickly. This would then benefit not only the patients and their families but the staff on the units the healers work on.

With Love and Healing Light,

Angie Buxton-King

Can Energy Healing Work in Harmony with Traditional Cancer Treatments?

Can Energy Healing Work in Harmony with Traditional Cancer Treatments?

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