Wasteland to Pureland: Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat

In this talk, master teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat present teachings that have emerged out of decades of practice and study in Buddha Dharma, psychology and other wisdom traditions. In Wasteland to Pureland, Doug and Catherine launch a contemporary guide to integrating spiritual practice with everyday life. Learn how the daily grist of work, relationships and challenges can become our richest resource and how to get beyond small views of the self, by first understanding the forces of ego and trauma that hold each of us back. They show us expansive, ever-transforming selfhood is possible, with the capacity to awaken through work, creativity, sex, relationship and action. Honest, edgy and accessible, this is for anyone ready to shed light on limiting beliefs and wake up to the vibrant forces of light, love, compassion and wisdom in the world.

Skip Archimedes on Living Forever Young CANCELLED

Living Forever Young is a book by Skip Archimedes. After an introduction on what “living forever young” really means and why it is so important, insight into Skip’s inspirational back story and how it led to the development of the life-changing secrets in this book, Skip will introduce the ten main chapters then begin: Breathe, Move, Nourish, Rest, Love, Shine, Believe, Learn, Commit and Live. Learn to get out of your head and back into your body, relax and play more, feel lighter and more open, and really get the most out of life – not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Wisdom Rising: Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine by Lama Tsultrim Allione

Lama Tsultrim Allione, best selling author of Feeding Your Demons, teaches you how to embody the enlightened, fierce power of the sacred feminine, the tantric dakinis. With knowledge of the mandala of the five dakinis (female Buddhist deities who embody wisdom), you'll understand how to embrace the different energies of your own nature. She shares from a deep trove of personal experiences, loss and sacred knowledge to explore an ancient yet accessible path to the ability to shift your emotional challenges into empowerment. Her unique perspective on female strength and enlightenment will guide you as you restore your inner spirit, leading you toward the change you aspire to create in the world. Lama Tsultrim Allione is an international teacher, author and founder of Tara Mandala Retreat Centre. She was ordained as one of the first Western Buddhist nuns by the previous Karmapa. After four years as a nun in the Himalayas she returned her vows, married and raised children. She has studied with some of the greatest Tibetan Buddhist masters including Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. Her books include Women of Wisdom and Feeding Your Demons, based on the Chod (Cutting Through the Ego) teachings of the great Tibetan yogini Machig Lapdron.

The Collected Letters of Alan Watts

Philosopher, author, and lecturer Alan Watts (1915–1973) popularized Zen Buddhism and other Eastern philosophies for the counterculture of the 1960s. The Collected Letters of Alan Watts reveals the remarkable arc of Watts’s colorful and controversial life, from his school days in England to his priesthood in the Anglican Church to his alternative lifestyle and experimentation with LSD in the heyday of the late sixties. His engaging letters cover a vast range of subject matter, with recipients that include C.G. Jung, Henry Miller, Gary Snyder, Aldous Huxley, Reinhold Niebuhr, Timothy Leary, Joseph Campbell, and James Hillman. Watts’s letters were curated by two of his daughters, Joan Watts and Anne Watts, who have added rich, behind-the scenes biographical commentary.
Anne Watts’s philosophies were strongly shaped by her experience as the daughter of Alan Watts. Anne is a certified hypnotherapist and an educator and counselor in the areas of human sexuality, sexual abuse, family stress, self-esteem, healing the inner child, and financial and aging issues. Since 1985, she has facilitated hundreds of workshops all over the world. She lives in Santa Rosa, California, in a deeply loving relationship with her husband, Mark Kupke. Find her work online at www.annewatts.com.

Your Zodiac Soul: Twelve Gateways to Wholeness

In this talk, astrologer John Wadsworth will be sharing the fruits of his many years working with the Zodiac as a wheel of initiation, transformation and healing. This talk coincides with the launch of John's new book Your Zodiac Soul, published by Orion Spring. Rather than focusing on the zodiac signs as being indicative of twelve personality types, John will present the zodiac as a complete, alchemical emblem of the soul, offering twelve transformational gateways in the ever-turning wheel of life. Treating the zodiac in the manner of a medicine wheel that we all possess complete and whole within the psyche, John will take us on an journey to restore the power and integrity of its twelve archetypal images and demonstrate how we can engage with the wheel practically and alchemically in our everyday lives. John became a professional astrologer in 1993, following a profound experience of communion with the night sky, which opened his mind to the poetry of the cosmos and radically altered his worldview. He has been teaching astrology since 2000, running the Kairos School of Astrology in Glastonbury. He is known as an innovator in the field, engaging with astrology primarily as an experiential practice capable of facilitating profound healing and transformation, and is the founder of The Alchemical Journey, a contemporary zodiac mystery school, based in Glastonbury. This work forms the basis of his book Your Zodiac Soul. John holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology from Bath Spa University. He also teaches night-sky astronomy and runs a mobile planetarium for schools.


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