7 Health Warnings Men Shouldn’t Ignore

With Men’s Health Week taking place on the 11th – 17th June 2018 increasing awareness of health issues predominantly common in men, it is the perfect time for them to take notice and put their health first. There is a stigma attached to men to put on a tough persona but it is very important to put your pride aside and pay attention to your body, look out for these common symptoms and visit a GP if necessary. It is better to be safe than sorry, and spotting a symptom early can do wonders for your recovery and prevent any underlying issue escalating.

Here a selection of experts reveal what health warnings you should not be ignoring…

Mood Swings  

Sudden changes in mood from one end of the spectrum to the other can signal an individual is suffering from depression or a mental health issue which can explain such an imbalance in their emotions.

Karen Meager and John McLachlan, founders of Monkey Puzzle Training & Consultancy, reveal the top signs they look out for and use to spot depression in the workplace. These include general low self esteem, a dip in productivity, increased procrastination, unexplained absences and expression of irritation,  and anger or sadness whilst at work.

If this sounds familiar to you either in your home or work life like any other illness the GP should be the first point of call, and will be able to advise on any required medication and NHS counselling services.

Change in a Mole

Moles are usually harmless but on occasion a unexpected change in a moles’ size, colour, or shape can all be a warning sign of the skin cancer, melanoma. In addition further warnings include if your mole starts bleeding or becomes itchy or flaky.

Put your mind at rest and book a quick doctor’s appointment to get the mole checked out. If you have not experienced any of these warning signs it is still important you are aware of what moles you have and monitor for any changes.


Unexplained Weight Loss or Gain

You should definitely seek medical advice if you have experienced a sudden and unexpected change in weight; either extensive weight loss or gain could be a physical health warning that something may be up with your health. Of course everyone’s body weight fluctuates, we are all too familiar with the heavy feeling after the Christmas period!

However, if the weight loss seems unexplained and your habits have not changed, this could be a potential indicator for a health issue such as depression, diabetes, a thyroid related issue, a digestive disease or even cancer. Therefore it is very important to get checked out, as it is better to be safe than sorry!



Headaches are pretty common and are often nothing to be concerned about, as they can be caused just simply by not drinking enough water or during periods of stress. These common headaches are labeled as Tension Headaches.

However, there are two more types of headaches called Cluster Headaches and Migraines that are more severe and can prevent you from being able to continue with your everyday activities. In some rare instances headaches can be warning signs of meningitis, a brain tumour, concussion, sinusitis, insomnia or the flu.


Anger Management Issues

Law firm Brookman recently conducted a relationship survey of 1006 married individuals, which revealed that displays of anger such as their partner yelling or being moody is one of the worst/most annoying habits their partner has and is often straining their relationship. Excessive displays of anger which is often taken out on those closest to us could be a sign of an underlying issue bubbling under the surface, which could range from depression, anxiety, money management issues, paranoia, insomnia, self-harm, addiction or even eating disorders.

If this anger is occuring over a long period this could be a cry for help. If you feel like you have had unwarranted outbursts recently it may be time to visit a GP or counselor to talk through what may be troubling you. You should not ignore anger management issues as this will just allow the anger to escalate, and could have devastating consequences like acts of violence.


Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can often be caused by excessive tooth brushing or brushing too hard, and in this case bleeding gums are not something you should be too concerned about.

However, in extreme cases bleeding gums can be a sign of gum disease and is not something you should ignore! Make sure to book an appointment with the Dentist to get checked out and do not forget to keep up to date with your annual dental check ups.



Feeling constantly tired is classed as Fatigue. If you are struggling to get a full night’s sleep and this is affecting your ability to carry out everyday tasks it may be time to take action. Fatigue can be a warning for obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or even heart disease, thus there is no harm in getting checked out just incase if you are suffering from fatigue.  

Sometimes generalised symptoms can mirror other conditions and it can take several visits and various tests before a confirmed diagnosis is made. If felt your symptoms have been disregarded, not thoroughly checked, or that your GP failed in their duty of care, it may be worth speaking to a legal professional who can advise you on how to make a compensation claim for medical misdiagnosis.


We should all check our bodies and monitor our mental health, but yet men seem to let problems go ignored and leave it to their partner, family, or friends to nag them into getting checked out. This is why Men’s Health Week is so crucial and being aware of these seven health warnings will certainly help you spot any potential health warnings. Indeed, these are not always signals of a serious illness but you should still make an appointment with your doctor if you experience any of the above just incase, as your health is very important!


By Elizma Smith.

7 Health Warnings Men Shouldn’t Ignore

7 Health Warnings Men Shouldn’t Ignore

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